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A/IS Ethics Open Groups

Work in Progress Curated list of Open Groups (accessible to persons who are not yet experts and do not require association with an institution) to discuss Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS). AI Ethics, Algorithmic Bias, Ethics of Automation, Existential Risks, Friendly Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work, Human Rights, Information Ethics, Machine Ethics, Philosophy of AI, Privacy, Roboethics, Robot Rights…

To know why this list was created, jump to Reasons to promote A/IS Ethics Open Groups.

Open Groups


Artificial Intelligence Stack Exchange

Artificial Intelligence Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people interested in AI theory, mathematics, research, discovery, design, development, practice, embedded uses, cognition, policy, and impact. It’s built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we’re working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about artificial intelligence.


EthicsNet, a non-profit, is building a community with the purpose of co-creating examples of nice behaviours, to help socialise A.I. (…) We want to do the same for the space of kind behaviours – a massive collaboration efforts to construct, collate, and annotate a range of datasets that reflect many different cultures, opinions and creeds, and which can expand in scope and nuance over time, to empower socially-aware thinking machines for generations to come.


Need your help!

Suggest a new Open Group

If you know potential candidates to non-English open groups, send your suggestion.

Help to found a new Open Group

Even if you (on this date) does not consider yourself yet with good knowledge of artificial intelligence and/or ethics, but have experience as moderator on forums and is open to accept external help from other parts of the world to give a great bootstrap on your regional community, send one e-mail to Let’s talk.

And it’s ok if you do not know well the English language or have have other challanges than on average people who works with IT tend to ignore. On some closed groups on Africa we use machine translation and moderators contribute even from phones with limited bandwidth and/or using Facebook with zero-rating.

Other Groups

In addition to the suggested Open Groups, these links below are potential candidates, but are not suggested by default at this time as they are still under review (e.g. the autor of this repository is following each one).

One potential issue (that in fact was very common on references that are not even listed here) is that some open groups related to artificial intelligence seems to be unfriendly to non machine learning / deep learning / “how to use this tool” discussions.


Reddit: AIethics

Discussion of how artificial intelligence agents should behave and how we should treat them

Facebook: Robot Ethics

Facebook: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

What to do next?

Read A/IS Standards

A suggested starting point is ais-ethics-standards.

Participate on A/IS Ethics “Closed” Groups

Some organizations that already work with A/IS Ethics may also have discussion forums which, by having some additional requirement (for example, being an university student or already a specialist in one area), are not on this list because are considered “Closed” Groups.

A suggested starting point is ais-ethics-orgs.

Participate on a existent open group or create a new

Reasons to promote A/IS Ethics Open Groups

A/IS Ethics is a transdisciplinary area. Even in fewer regions of the world where the artificial intelligence development (e.g. how to do this? (implementation)) has more academic and professional experts (mostly likely because of decades of government investment and growth of the local high tech industry), the engajement of people outside of computer science field to discuss implementations and even standards of A/IS Ethics (e.g. should we do this? (rights vs wrong)) could be higher. So, how more challanging could in the rest of the world?

Activism (both anti and pro some A/IS specific implementation) to promote more immediate changes in a society using argumentations that the averange person could agree can sometimes lead to negative effect on social well-being.

TODO: improve this draft of ‘Reasons to promote A/IS Ethics Open Groups’ (fititnt, 2018-01-29 18:36 BRST)


Ways to contribute with suggestions, critics, etc:


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